Are we near the end of days? Black Sabbath definitely offer a powerful warning with their new video for 'God Is Dead?' The clip just arrived and the band used the music video platform to address the growing tensions in the world.

In the video, we see a man in a major metropolitan area holding a briefcase surrounded by video screens with subliminal imagery flashing as the world around him rushes by. The man looks skyward toward a building where a group of elder gentlemen in a boardroom are making decisions that seemingly affect the huddled masses below.

The clip is filmed with jarring imagery like a folded American flag over the top of the Holy Bible, shots of bombings and military attacks and the powerful image of a single drop of blood spilling onto the sidewalk before eventually engulfing all around it. Eventually the people of the streets join the man in walking toward the building that houses the boardroom, only to be met by a barrier and riot police. What ensues next? You'll have to check the video below to find out.

'God Is Dead?' is the rapidly rising single from Black Sabbath's highly anticipated '13' album. The disc is due in stores tomorrow and can be ordered here. In other Black Sabbath news, the band will hold a Google+ Town Hall hangout tomorrow (June 11) to celebrate the release of the disc. Viewers around the world can access the get-together at 7PM ET at Black Sabbath's official YouTube channel or live on 'Ozzy's Boneyard' on SiriusXM.

Watch Black Sabbath's 'God Is Dead?' Video