Tommy Rogers, perhaps best known as the vocalist/keyboardist of prog-death band Between the Buried and Me, will issue his solo album, 'Pulse,' via Metal Blade on Feb. 1.

With 'Pulse,' Rogers was something of a renaissance man, writing, producing and performing on the record -- as well as arranging, composing and playing all the instruments. He will also go by the name Thomas Giles, his first and middle names, for this project. Noisecreep remembers when he released a record under the moniker Giles way back when on Victory Records.

'Pulse' was recorded in Rogers' native North Carolina and has been described as "a larger, cinematic-like structure where everything from production to arrangements to lyrics to album art is carefully crafted towards a unified purpose." So that means it's probably a bit like BTBAM, where the limits and parameters of artful rock music are pushed to their breaking point, in effect creating an almost new genre. Rogers claims he borrowed influence from a diverse array of artists for 'Pulse,' including Radiohead, Björk, the Verve, Beck, Stereolab and Spiritualized. It's part rock, part electronic, all eclectic.

"Creating this album was a very unique experience for me," Rogers commented in a statement. "I honestly never thought I would get a lot of this music recorded. This record was a way for me to step back, focus on simplified song structures and really build off of melodies. Even though I love f---ing my throat up by screaming, it was very nice to sit back and chill out a bit. I named the record 'Pulse' because it is a collection of thoughts and experiences I've had through the years. It's a very personal record and I hope the songs help people evaluate their lives and make the best of their time here. Find your pulse."

BTBAM fans needn't fear; Rogers' main band isn't going anywhere. In fact, they're working on new material right now and plan to tour in 2011.