The second album from Modesto, Calif. hardcore band Better Left Unsaid, 'Only the Dead to Witness,' will come out June 8. The band's follow-up to 2008's 'The Fight Within' will mark the launch release for Static Age Records.

It also marks the debut of a tighter, more seasoned Better Left Unsaid, who are combining hardcore and thrash with more brutality and agility than ever. "We wanted an album that best represented who and what we are as musicians, our influences and most importantly the type of music we create together," said drummer Brent Terry. "None of us settled, each of us sacrificed, and in the end we have an album we are all very proud of."

The album track 'Reaper of Malice' is currently streaming on the band's MySpace. An image-filled video preview of the album has also been released.