Better Left Unsaid

Better Left Unsaid, who got their start on Hatebreed singer Jamey Jasta's Stillborn label, are gearing up to release 'Only the Dead to Witness' through Static Age Records on June 22. Noisecreep is thrilled to present 'Of Shame and Arrogance,' a brand new track from the album. The song is a chunky, moshable anthem, rife with groove -- but there are brains lurking behind the sonic brawn. And overall, the album takes a look at the struggle to survive and be the last man standing in a world gone mad.

"The first line of the song, or the whole album for that matter, is 'Plunged into this moment the motion sudden and violent, remove the veil from my eyes,'" drummer Brent Terry told Noisecreep. "I think that sums up the feeling behind the song really well. Musically, we wanted to go somewhere dark, but with a kind of weird twist to it. So you have some weird dark chords and a somewhat awkward melody over a really bouncy, solid groove, which I think compliments the lyrical content. The very opening of the song has an almost 'alarm' vibe to it, enforcing the concept of facing reality."

Listen to 'Of Shame and Arrogance'

If 'Of Shame and Arrogance' is your fortunate introduction to Better Left Unsaid, you can thank us later. Terry said, "Better Left Unsaid is five guys who have dedicated their lives to their instruments and the band, all for a chance at living out our dreams." They've relentlessly toured the U.S. with the likes of Hatebreed and Walls of Jericho, spreading their music from coast to coast "with a DIY attitude has been the cornerstone for the band since day one," Terry said. "Not to mention we are all sexy beasts ... what more needs to be said?"

With their sexiness and beastliness in tow, Better Left Unsaid will tour their asses off in 2010 and expect to release a video for 'To the Last Man.' Besides the usual stuff, Terry joked that the band will "of course be solving world peace, hunger and the BP oil spill!" We've heard of less noble pursuits.