Motley Crue took the world by storm just as MTV was cutting its teeth. By providing the band with a platform to reach out to metal fans across the country, the network helped propel Motley Crue to superstardom.

Crue's videos also played a big role in forming the image of '80s hair metal. Somehow, they made spandex and audacious makeup look masculine. Well, kind of. Some videos, like 'Looks That Kill,' featured crazy settings, while others, like 'Live Wire,' contained occultish imagery that helped fuel the Satan-worshipping scare of the '80s. Noisecreep brings you this collection of 10 Best Motley Crue Videos throughout the years.

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    'Looks That Kill'

    'Looks That Kill' has it all: leather pants, big hair, spandex, pentagrams, pointy guitars and scantily-clad women -- lots of scantily-clad women. The band brings these women, who are some form of chain-wearing barbarians, the gift of fire and heavy metal. The story climaxes with a battle inside a spike-filled room, where the band eventually defeats their female nemesis.

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    'Live Wire'

    'Live Wire' is one of Motley Crue's fastest, heaviest performances, and for that reason alone it makes the 10 Best Motley Crue Videos. Vince Neil's red leather hip gyrations would make Elvis proud. The band kept it simple with this one, focusing solely on the stage show, but that performance certainly lives up to the 'Live Wire' name.

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    'Don't Go Away Mad'

    'Don't Go Away Mad' is the first ballad to make it on our list. This video delves into storytelling mode, as it shows Neil needing an escape after a particularly bad split with a lovely lady. He calls up his band and friends in Los Angeles, hits the road and is soon getting his mojo back with an energized studio performance. This video is also notable as the band foregoes the makeup and spandex, opting for ripped jeans and t-shirts.

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    'Same Old Situation'

    The band dedicated the video for 'Same Old Situation' to their fans. It shows them performing in front of massive, insane crowds of screaming Crue fanatics. While there's plenty of performance footage, almost an equal amount of time is spent on audience reactions. As for the performance, Tommy Lee takes center stage here, figuratively speaking, in his tiny, immodest outfit and his floating drum kit.

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    'Dr. Feelgood'

    Vince Neil and the band delved into social commentary in their own way with 'Dr. Feelgood.' It shows 'Jimmy,' a neighborhood dope pusher, getting rich, selling drugs in back alleys, paying off cops and riding in limos with beautiful women. Of course, by the end, justice is served when the police surround Jimmy in his mansion. This clip is also notable for its opening shot, which finds the camera rapidly zooming in from the sparse California desert to a solitary tent filled with flames.

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    'Smokin' in the Boys' Room'

    The band takes on 'The Man' in this bluesy shuffle. When a giant canine runs off with the protagonist's homework, nobody believes him. Authority figures sit at every turn trying to force our youth into conformity. But Motley Crue helps him find some relief from the stress. Though not as heavy as their other songs, 'Smokin' in the Boys' Room' definitely deserves a spot amongst the 10 Best Motley Crue Videos.

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    'Wild Side'

    One of the hallmarks of Motley Crue's huge worldwide success was their giant shows. With 'Wild Side,' the band takes the stage once again, paying homage to all the fans who came out to support them on their tours. And we get a good view of Vince Neil's signature neck bandanna. Of course, the highlight of the video is Tommy Lee strapped into his giant spinning drum cage.

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    'Kickstart My Heart'

    For 'Kickstart My Heart,' the band returned home to L.A., arriving in a classic ambulance emblazoned with the 'Dr. Feelgood' logo and driven by the legendary comedian Sam Kinison. The rest of the video is an ode to adrenaline, showcasing high-risk action, like skydiving, cars crashing and planes performing stunts. It's enough to make you say, 'Whoa, yeah' indeed!

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    'Girls, Girls, Girls'

    Crue gets tough in 'Girls, Girls, Girls,' riding to strip clubs on big motorcycles and brandishing a switchblade. This might be the raciest of Motley Crue's videos. Strippers dance erotically onstage as the band looks on. This homage to lovely ladies gives shout-outs to some of the fellows' favorite strip club hot spots.

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    'Home Sweet Home'

    Motley Crue's 'Home Sweet Home' is often credited for launching the power ballad craze and the track was so iconic it received two video treatments. The original video, which tops our 10 Best Motley Crue Videos list, shows the band's wild life both on and off the stage. A humorous open, Tommy Lee hanging from the rafters and a few scantily clad audience members make this a classic. The original video was requested by MTV viewers so much that MTV invoked the "Crue Rule," which made songs ineligible after 30 days.