On Dec. 31, 1963, future metal guitarist Scott Ian entered the world. As we all know now, Ian would go on to be one of the founding members of thrash metal icons Anthrax. This Readers Poll reflects on the band's career and asks you, the Anthrax fans, which of their albums is the best.

It all started in 1984, with the lineup of singer Neil Turbin, guitarists Ian and Dan Spitz, bassist Danny Lilker and drummer Charlie Benante issuing the 'Fistful of Metal' album. A year later, singer Joey Belladonna and bassist Frank Bello took over for Turbin and Lilker on 'Spreading the Disease.' And by their third album in 1987, 'Among the Living,' things really began to take off for the group. The band closed out the '80s with the 1988 release 'State of Euphoria,' then finished the Belladonna era with 1990's 'Persistence of Time.'

In 1993, the band started working with frontman John Bush on the 'Sound of White Noise' disc, which was also their last disc with Spitz. In 1995, they gave us 'Stomp 442' and 1998 yielded 'Vol. 8: The Threat Is Real.' The output slowed as the band hit the 21st century. Bush's final album, 'We've Come for You All,' arrived in 2003 and the band once again became a five-piece with the addition of guitarist Rob Caggiano. After a series of lineup changes, the band eventually reunited with Belladonna for 2011's 'Worship Music' disc.

That's ten great Anthrax albums to choose from and we want to know which of their releases you think is the best. Vote in our Readers Poll below: