Killer Lyrics: From long nights of trying to be strong / Hoping that you'd be dead by dawn / Blinded by false emotions / True feelings / Will they ever show

Cincinnatti's Beneath the Sky return with their third offering in 'In Loving Memory' -- an incongruous title for an album as vicious-sounding and vindictive as this one. The song 'Blood & Separation' is one of two tracks released from the new album on the band's Myspace page.

Vocalist Joey Nelson plays the vague game in 'Blood & Separation' as the lyrics are about a general spurned relationship. Compare this approach to the rest of the song lyrics of 'In Loving Memory' (the band has usefully posted in their entirety on their Mypace blog), which are very topical in nature.

There's condemnation of religion in 'I'm Sorry, I'm Lost,' sexual abuse in 'Terror Start at Home,' being a victim of robbery in 'A Tale From the Northside' and the loss of romantic love in the album's closer, 'Embrace.' With all of these specifically-tailored subjects, it's nice to have a few things open to interpretation as a breather.

Beneath the Sky will be touring America for the majority of this summer, which includes a string of dates with Otep and the Birthday Massacre.