Metal Injection correspondent Aline Miladinovich flew to Poland to catch one of Behemoth's first shows back, and she managed to grab Nergal and Orion for a post-show chat. She checks on Nergal's status, the future of the band and all the recent controversy surrounding the band. Nergal also discusses what the plans are for the future and the possibility of new Behemoth music.

Nergal (real name: Adam Darksi) spent part of this year in a hospital in Poland battling leukemia, which he was diagnosed with in the summer of 2010. During a Behemoth performance in Gdynia, Poland in 1997, Nergal called the Catholic Church "the most murderous cult on the planet" before tearing up a Bible on stage. The guitarist-vocalist was eventually charged with "insulting Roman Catholics," a crime punishable by two years behind bars in Poland. The charges were officially dropped in August of this year.

Check out the new Behemoth video interview below.

Watch Metal Injection's 'Exclusive Behemoth Interview' Video

On Nov. 22 Metal Blade will be reissuing 'Demonica,' which chronicles Behemoth's earliest recordings. 'Demonica' will include two booklets with rare photos and lyrics that were not included with the original release in 2006.