Baroness just recently crossed the one year anniversary of the devastating van accident that sidelined them for several months. While they recovered from their injuries, the band eventually lost two members who were unable to continue touring. Even with the lineup change, they've more than proved that they are back in fighting shape with the live video for their song 'March to the Sea.'

The footage was filmed at the band's Philadelphia show at the Union Transfer, which took place on May 24. Multiple cameras caught the band in all its live fury and fans can witness the band from all sorts of angles. You'll feel like you were there, butted up against the stage and fending off moshers at your back.

In addition to feeling like a "statement" of the band's strength, the show was special since it marked the live debut of the rhythm section -- bassist Nick Jost and drummer Sebastian Thomson played their first shows.

Not to sound like fuddy duddies, but with so many low quality, fan-filmed live videos populating the Interwebs nowadays, crisp, clear and professionally shot footage such as this makes us appreciate what a video of a band in its live state can be.