"For the next five minutes, all shots are $3.50," a Starland Ballroom employee announced. It was a reminder that I was finally in the warm, crusty heart of central New Jersey. That stuff just does note happen in New York City. While Baroness was still setting up their gear on stage, I overheard a group dedicate a round of shots "to Metal!" That stuff does happen in New York City -- and around the world.

On April 21, the modest bunch started their set with 'Red Album' songs before diving into the newer stuff. Yet, it wasn't until the critically-acclaimed 'Blue Record' songs that fans dove to the front and created a pretty fun mosh pit.

"I want to thank you for coming so early to see us. We all know who you're all here to see," frontman and artist John Baizley said as the band ended their set -- which is more and more bringing them to arena rock band status. Watch out Rush!

And just when I thought that the band couldn't be less humble, Baizley invited all of the very packed Starland Ballroom to hang out and talk to the band. His follow-up was the most persuading, "We're not rock stars or rapists or anything f---ed up like that."

The band's tour with Mastodon started at Coachella and will end in Tennessee. They play New England Metal Fest at 7:40 PM ET on April 23. This summer they will also play Bonnaroo.