Who is Baby Metal? Well, for one thing, it's not little kids and young tykes in diapers singing metal songs for kicks while their parents film them with iPhones nor is it metal lullabies.

Baby Metal is a three-piece, all-girl, Japanese metal band. No, not like Gallhammer. This power trio plays black metal no one in the band is married to an ex member of Mayhem. This group is comprised of pre-teens who sing Japanese pop vocals over neo-thrash, thoroughly metallic riffs -think Trivium and Shadows Fall. They are utterly adorable, too.

They have coordinated hand movements, like synchronized devil horn throwing. They wear wolf masks and sport armor on their skirts. They are flanked by musicians wearing skeleton suits and masks, too.

The music has synthy, EDM elements, but there's certainly plenty of metallic riffery.

Watch Baby Metal's '"Ijime,Dame,Zettai" (No More Bullying)' Video

Cute Japanese school girls singing over br00tal metal? Sure, that's a gimmick on the surface, but what's wrong with being cute and aggressive at the same time? Baby Metal also have a message, as the new song "Ijime,Dame,Zettai" hopes for a world without bullying.

Time will tell if Baby Metal will go over in the States, but for now, we're definitely intrigued.

Watch Baby Metal Live Footage