Axl Rose is often engaged in some sort of litigation or legal tangle with managers or vendors. We're happy to report that the Guns N' Roses singer, who will head out on a US tour this fall with the band, has settled a long-running legal battle with a rental car company that accused the often temperamental singer of trashing a luxurious Bentley in 2005.

Executives at Bentley Financial Services sued Rose, claiming he rented a swank, $192,000 Bentley Flying Spur and promptly returned it with a cracked windshield, two damaged tires, a broken tail light and dents all over the doors and bumper. That's no way to treat a Bentley, especially one that you are renting and do not own.

TMZ reports that the car company demanded that the singer repay nearly $74,000 in rental fees and damages. The settlement finds Rose forking over $53,000 to cover those costs so most of the costs were covered.

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