Guns N' Roses"Reuniting with the original members isn't an easy thing," Axl Rose says of any possible plans to reunite with the original members of Guns N' Roses. "The old members are all devoted to their own music, and I wholeheartedly support them in their endeavors. The important thing I'd say is to support the current members and the best environment so that we can keep making music. The only thing right now is Guns and Roses."

Rose made the comment in a recent interview with Korean news agency Hangyorae. The online interview is written in Korean and fans have translated the exchange on a Guns n' Roses message board. The band will soon head to Korea for the first time, touring on the back of 'Chinese Democracy.'

Since no one at Noisecreep is fluent in Korean, we can only trust the bilingual skills of the many GNR fans worldwide that have confirmed the contents of this exchange. Naturally, the interviewer asked Rose about his excitement in coming to Korea.

"With [the] concert coming up, we've received a lot of comments on MySpace and our homepage from Korean fans. There are also requests for us to make sure we play specific songs. Korea is a country we always wanted to visit, and now we're here. We can't wait to meet the fans."

GNR is famous for member turnover, and the 'Appetite for Destruction' lineup is long since over. These days, DJ Ashba is handling guitar duties for Guns n' Roses.

"The members with us on this tour are absolutely the best," continues Rose. "Especially the guitarist, DJ Ashba, who's come with lots of experience since he was in the opening act for Kiss and Ozzy Osborne's festival [and] the Marilyn Manson tour. During the tour he switches between about 10 different guitars while performing."

Guns N' Roses head to Taiwan Dec. 11 and then on to Asia, hitting Seoul; Osaka and Tokyo before hitting Canada and South America. No North America dates are scheduled at this time.