Even at Guns N' Roses concerts, certain standards of decency and decorum apply. Do anything Axl Rose deems uncouth, and you might find yourself bounced from the arena. That's what happened Saturday night (Dec. 17) in Vancouver, Canada, where the prickly singer had an unruly fan tossed from the Pacific Coliseum.

"Out, motherf---er, out," Rose says in the fan-shot video below, perhaps invoking Shakespeare's "Out, damn spot" line from 'Macbeth.' "Dumbass motherf---er, get the f--- out."

It's not clear from the footage what the ejected dude did, but as he's led out by security, the singer offers a parting shot.

"Happy trails to you," he taunts, putting his spin on the old Roy Rogers theme. "I hope we don't meet again."

While Axl is notorious for ousting folks from shows, he'd apparently been doing it less frequently.

"That's the first person I've had thrown out for 100 shows," Rose said afterward, according to Blabbermouth.net. "Like the good old days."

Speaking of the old days, the last time GNR was in Vancouver, back in 2002, Axl cancelled the gig, provoking a riot. Saturday night's show -- which, like the previous night's, featured a guest appearance from former bassist Duff McKagan -- brought no such incidents, much to Axl's relief.

"On behalf of the city, I'd like to thank you for not tearing this place up," he said. "I apologize for my part in past affairs."

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