Did you miss Avenged Sevenfold's Q&A session, attended by fans, yesterday (Aug. 27), either because you don't live near Burbank, Calif. where it was held or because you weren't online to watch it? Don't worry! You can watch the entire, hour-long chat above.

Some of the highlights? Well, we're glad you asked. Apparently the Avenged Sevenfold dads factor heavily into the band.

"My dad had the record and if it gets his seal of approval…," singer M. Shadows said about his pop's reaction. "He's like 'The first five songs, that's murderer's row.' It's just crazy. I knew we were onto something. Everyone wants their parents' approval and he was stoked and he's a metal guy. That guy gave me 'Appetite for Destruction' and 'Countdown to Extinction,' and he was a metalhead that went to a 9-to-5 job and wore a suit and tie but he was into metal and gave me '…And Justice for All.' He's an old school guy." Sounds like a rad dad, for sure.

The topic of Papa Gates also came up -- he's guitarist Synyster Gates' dad. "He happens to be my father and an incredible musician," the guitarist said when asked about Papa Gates. "When he gets lucky, we let him into the studio for 20 minutes to hear a song which has been previously written for him."

He goofed on his pops. But in all seriousness, the axeman said, "He comes in and it's a fun hang. He always has been supportive since day one. He used to drive everyone over for rehearsal and is an amazing musician himself. It's fun to get him into the studio and see what he would apply to certain songs. We have a great time with him."

New drummer Arin Ilejay also talked about his entry into the band, revealing there was no hazing and that he was welcomed with cuddly and open arms.

About 22 minutes in, you get the skinsman's perspective on the nerve-wracking experience, since he had a huge name to live up, taking over for the late The Rev and former fill in Mike Portnoy. He also shared how he was able to help them achieve space and power with the drum tracks.