Avenged Sevenfold's 'Hail to the King' is out tomorrow (Aug. 27), and the band sat down for a chat, offering an intimate, inside look at the album and what their mindset was like when they went to craft the follow up to their No.1 charting 2010 release 'Nightmare.'

"Sonically, it's bigger. Musically, it's more riff-driven, and all around sounds different," vocalist M. Shadows said in the newly posted video (seen above). Guitarist Synyster Gates agreed that they wanted the album to just have a massive sound and speak more with space than with dense arrangement.

Bassist Zacky Vengeance said, "We stripped it down and looked deep inside ourselves. It's different than what we've done before." He added that the songs demand a epic live show, so that's good news for anyone with tickets to the band's upcoming tour.

About the title track? Well, the song was designed to be relentless and to have a groove. What we came away with was that all the instruments are "driving" and none of the members wanted step on each other's toes when it came to the songs.

Oh, and about M. Shadows hair? He wants you to stop worrying about it. He wasn't going to cut it until the record was done, but the record took longer and longer and "now it's really hard to cut."

In related news, the band will participate in a Q&A with their local SoCal fans tomorrow. If you don't live in the Los Angeles area and aren't able to be there in person, you can still watch the stream live here. The festivities begin online at 3:30PM PT.