Avenged Sevenfold singer M. Shadows treats gaming like he treats performing. He is not ashamed to admit his competitive streak or to show his game face in this clip from the 'Die Noobs' documentary, which is a portrait of two gamers who are aiming to win a pro tournament, even though they are more casual in their usage, which makes them "noobs."

"I'm very competitive, whether it's basketball or golf or even as a musician," Shadows says. "I want to go on stage and smash every other band. It's not like 'Hey, let's go out there and see how it goes. We want to kill everybody.' When you talk about gaming, to me, you want to be the best."

So, yes, M. Shadows is a gaming nerd and we aren't just going by the words he says in this clip, which hovers at just under three minutes. Check out that game face and the concentration that crosses his brow when he's playing games at a convention in certain scenes.

The footage of Shadows was culled from Major League Gaming's Spring Championship, which was held in Anaheim, Calif. Yes, Shadows talks about A7X's 'Hail to the King,' out Aug. 27, but what's most interesting is seeing his passion and intensity for gaming, since we've heard him talk about the album a bunch recently. It clearly appears to be as special to him as performing and making music.