A pack of kids get pretty destructive with a poor, unsuspecting car in August Burns Red's 'Fault Line' video, the narrative of which is told in reverse.

The old ride is ablaze and the gang, which is comprised of both males and females, is taking bats and rocks to it. It looks beyond cool to see the damage happen in backwards chronology, watching the flames revert from inferno to ember.

Other than that, not much else takes place. But then again, a raging car fire facilitated by youngsters tends to make you wonder a bit.

The footage is spliced with August Burns Red performing in the most violent of fashions. They treat their instruments like those arsonists treat that poor car -- brutalizing them, but ABR do it in the right way.

As soon as the video starts, we're left wondering what the car did to these damage merchants. Why do they go nuclear on a vehicle? Is it evidence of something? Are they just bored? Do they like demolishing stuff? It's never quite clear. Draw your own conclusions as their actions give new meaning to the term "vehicular manslaughter."