It appears as though 2009 will be quite a banner year for Pennsylvania's August Burns Red. The Lancaster quintet is about to embark on a headlining tour -- with the Acacia Strain and Impending Doom in tow -- and their latest blood-blistering effort, 'Constellations,' sold over 20,000 copies and landed at #24 on the sales charts its first week on retail shelves.

Guitarist J.B. Brubaker reflected on the flurry of activity surrounding the band, saying, "It's almost bizarre to us how well the first leg of our headline tour has gone. We aren't used to playing for crowds this big when we're in a headlining position. It's so encouraging to see things continue to move forward. We're all on cloud nine right now and are feeling very fortunate to be in the position that we're in." Did we mention that he's modest, too?

Brubaker further commented on the band's steady stream of success in the metal genre, saying, "It still blows my mind when I think about how well our record has been received out of the gates. We try our best not to dwell on the numbers too much, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't in the back of our minds as the album approached its release. When we found out that 'Constellations' sold over 20,000 copies, we were all blown away. We knew we had to go buy an ice cream cake and celebrate."

So what can fans expect on the forthcoming dates, which kick off Sept. 5 and run through Oct. 18? "We'll be mixing things up for the second leg of our U.S. headline tour," Brubaker hinted. "We want to try to work a couple more songs off 'Constellations' into the mix, especially the song 'Marianas Trench,' as that seems to be an initial fan favorite."