Metalcore maniacs August Burns Red weren't afraid to play with dynamics on 'Constellations,' their latest effort for Solid State. "The biggest thing that changed for us for 'Constellations' was that we got a little more dynamic. It's not 100% balls to the wall from start to finish," guitarist J.B. Brubaker told Noisecreep. "There are parts that breathe and chill out and build up. It has more peaks and valleys than previous stuff. It made sense to us, because of where we are at, what we listen to and what we are into at this point. We're not looking to do 'as fast as we can go metal' for 45 minutes anymore. That's something people will notice, since there are more instrumental interludes and stuff."

'Constellations' is the band's third album and another sonic shift comes in the form of their guitar solos, which they had not previously attempted. "We're doing guitar solos, which we never did in the past, and I blame our lack of technical skills at the time for that. But we dabble in it more than we had before," the modest guitarist said.

Brubaker said that he and the band members spent more time with the instruments, and that enabled them to become better players. "As far as the tempos go, we pushed ourselves on the extreme, and made the fast parts faster. We added in slower parts, which plays into the dynamics," Brubaker said.

The thoroughly dynamic 'Constellations' is in stores now.