When Noisecreep checked in with Atreyu several months ago, the Orange County quintet was in pre-production for 'Congregation of the Damned,' the follow-up to their Hollywood Records debut, 'Lead Sails, Paper Anchor.' While that album sold well, it wasn't as well-received as their work on Victory Records. That's a fact which wasn't lost on vocalist Alex Varkatzas. "We're back to what makes us 'us,'" he tells Noisecreep. "We're going to shred, be punk, yell and scream." Today, Noisecreep presents "Storm To Pass," the first single from the album, due out Oct. 27.

Varkatzas says that "Storm To Pass" has a double meaning. It's about depression and war. "You can feel that depression coming on, you can see yourself doing f---ed up things, but you can't stop it," he says. "I grew up watching the first Iraq war and the invasion of various countries and how the whole thing became one giant s--- storm."

Listen to 'Storm To Pass'

And what to expect from the rest of the record, which was produced by Bob Marlette (Ozzy Osbourne, Airbourne)? "It's just real diverse," Varkatzas recently remarked to Noisecreep. "It's got everything from older Atreyu, which I think is a lot heavier and more metallic. And then we've got newer stuff, but our newer stuff is a lot more dark and melodic -- it's not as poppy at all. I think there was a real conscious effort, especially on my part and the rest of the dudes in the band to watch our popmeter, and really get back to a darker, rougher sound."