Atreyu celebrated the completion of their forthcoming album, 'Congregation of the Damned,' in true rock star fashion, playing alongside Tool, Linkin Park, Alice in Chains and more at the recent Epicenter Festival in Pomona, Calif. "I got the mastered version of the record today, so I can't wait to listen to it," frontman Alex Varkatzas told Noisecreep backstage at the festival. "I just found out like an hour ago, so I'm pretty happy."

The band gave fans a little preview of what to expect with the track 'Bleeding Is a Luxury,' which Varkatzas describes as "a song that kind of embraces being alive. Being able to bleed and sweat and do this with our friends and do something that you love is really a blessing."

The deeper appreciation for being able to do this Varkatzas expresses is something he really feels on the album, especially after what he admits was a tough last record. "I secluded myself from the band on the last record. I was dealing with some s--- like a little b----," he says. "I'm not trying to sidestep stuff, but I wasn't on the ball. I wasn't where I needed to be mentally."

But that is all a thing of the past. "I think this one we're all locked in, we kind of dialed in our friendship more, and [our friendship] comes across in our music -- not in a lovey-dovey, peace and happiness way. But we're more content with ourselves, more confident," he says.

Besides confidence and contentment, what else can Atreyu devotees expect from the Bob Marlette-produced record? "It's just real diverse. It's got everything from older Atreyu, which I think is a lot heavier and more metallic. And then we've got newer stuff, but our newer stuff is a lot more dark and melodic -- it's not as poppy at all," he says. "I think there was a real conscious effort, especially on my part and the rest of the dudes in the band to watch our popmeter, and really get back to a darker, rougher sound."