Atreyu lead guitarist Dan Jacobs doesn't just sling an axe. He's also a businessman with an eye for style. Jacobs owns and operates ROKK Clothing, a concert T-shirt line that was born of a personal love for rock 'n' roll attire -- namely vintage rock gear. "ROKK Clothing is a reflection of all the amazing concert T-shirts I have loved and collected over the years," Jacobs told Noisecreep.

The line features plenty of bold graphics, bloodied logos, guitars and skulls, which are all the accouterments that the cool kids want to wear. The tees definitely look like they came screaming from the '80s, and the designs pay homage to the bands and logs of that era, like RATT and Guns N' Roses, with a distinctly modern edge. They also boast phrases like 'The Streets Will Flow With the Blood of the Non-Believers' and 'Live to Shred, Shred to Live.'

The guitarist started the line because he's "always been a big fan of classic concert tees and could never seem to get enough of them." Jacobs continues, "I figured the only solution to this problem would be to create my own line of clothing that was heavily influenced by all the bands and shirts that I love." The line also allows Jacobs to express his creativity through a medium other than music. "By doing this, I can create endless amounts of shirts for myself and others to wear," he said.

Jacobs wasn't hesitant to demonstrate his fandom, either! "It would be amazing to see members of some of these bands that influenced me so much wearing my shirts," he said. "Along with many other popular actors, athletes, and musicians that I'm a fan of!" ROKK Clothing is also a family affair, with Jacobs' brother Joe running the company. The Brothers Jacobs' mission? "We plan on bringing ROKK to the entire world," said Dan.

Visit the ROKK Clothing Web site for a list of stockists and retailers if you want to get your 'ROKK' on!