When bands like Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall and As I Lay Dying were blowing up in the metal scene around 2002 and 2003, Atreyu were always right there with them. But for some reason, they remained on the fringe, which was not of their own doing. They were rarely acknowledged as one of the key players in that scene, despite the fact that they were achieving similar sales, high water marks, selling out the same shows and making just as viable metal. They were, in essence, the scene's freckled, redheaded and braces-wearing stepchild! But the band remained undeterred, continuing to attract new fans, sell records and to graduate to the major labeldom of Hollywood Records, which just released the band's second album, 'Congregation of the Damned,' under their umbrella.

"We don't put on any airs," vocalist Alex Varkatzas told Noisecreep about why his band has been able to look beyond all the judgements laid at their doorstep by all the petty, intra-scene naysayers. "We're the working man's band. We're five dudes who are normal and have maintained that the entire time, that we're five dudes and that we're nothing super special. We can do what we do well, and I think people relate to that. But we don't say or do the right thing always."

Varkatzas recalled a few experiences he has had since his band has gained a degree of notoriety. "I can walk out of 7/11 on a Sunday night and someone says, 'Oh hey, it's the singer of Atreyu.' Or I can be in line at an awards show, where there are a bunch of peers -- of people who should know or band -- standing behind us. These are bands we toured with who would be like, 'Who are these guys?' It just goes to show you in these scenes, people are full of s---."

But rather than succumb to the bulls---, Atreyu remain focused. "We keep our noses down, make good music and play shows to promote that music," Varkatzas said. "If we can get huge as f---, I'd love that. If we stay where we are, we stay we are. I can support my family making this living and having fun."