Porter McKnight

The members of Orange County influential metalcore band Atreyu continue to branch out. In September, guitarist Travis Miguel announced that he had formed a new side project with drummer Justin Pointer (Nightfall and SSNOVA) and bassist Bob Bradley (Scars of Tomorrow and SSNOVA). And now Atreyu drummer Brandon Saller, who played his first show as a solo artist in January, is debuting his new group Black Cloud Collective exclusively on Noisecreep.

The first song from the band's upcoming album is 'Hail Mary!' -- a heartfelt number that addresses the notion of being disappointed in people you thought were there for you. "'Hail Mary!' is a song based around faith, essentially," Saller told Noisecreep. "Not from a religion stand point, but just faith in people in general. I feel like in life there can be people -- whether they are friends, family, significant others, co-workers or whoever -- that can completely change."

Listen to 'Hail Mary!'

Saller continued, "It's a really difficult thing when someone close to you fully let's you down. To me it almost becomes a feeling of not only disappointment and heartbreak, but it becomes a feeling of anger. This song is a portrait of that feeling."