Noisecreep ran into Asking Alexandria vocalist Danny Worsnop backstage at last night's Revolver Golden Gods Awards. We hadn't seen him since he visited the studio for a Creep Show, so we had to catch up, specifically to ask him about their near touring trek with media demigod Charlie Sheen.

As we previously reported, Sheen had personally picked the rising UK stars to be his opening act on his 'My Violent Torpedo of Truth' tour. But the band were forced to turn him down due to prior show commitments. In a statement to the press, the band's label stated, "Asking Alexandria were extremely flattered by the offer and are big fans of Sheen, but unfortunately, current touring obligations prevented them from accepting this high-profile slot. The goup would like to publicly thank Sheen for this special invite and promise him that the tiger's blood runs deep in all of them."

Worsnop, who was rocking a beard and newly trimmed locks, said the band had a previously booked commitment in the form of a tour they could not cancel in order to take Sheen up on his offer. In his thoroughly British way, Worsnop did express a touch of disappointment at not being able to join Sheen on the road, saying, "F--- yeah, I would like to cancel our tour to travel the country and do cocaine with Charlie Sheen!"

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