Asking Alexandria will join All That Remains on a handful of tour dates, with more to be announced shortly. Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce was -- how do we put this? -- incredibly emphatic about the tour and his tourmates.

"All That Remains! F--- yes!" Bruce told Noisecreep. "We've all been listening to this band for a very long time, and being offered the opportunity to actually go on tour with them is really exiting for us. We're gonna give these shows our all. Anyone who has seen us before knows how much energy we try and put into each and every show. And during this tour, we plan on giving the best performances of our career so far."

Bruce and his band aren't just paying lip service to the notion of the improved live performances so many bands proclaim. For the upcoming Asking Alexandria tour dates, they've decided to go sober and will not be drinking before hitting the stage, which is a hard thing for a band with their reputation to do.

"A lot of people know us as a band that plays drunk on most, if not, all nights," Bruce admitted. "We've started to notice our live shows progressively getting worse over time, the more alcohol we consumed before playing. So we have stopped drinking completely before playing our set, and so far, everyone has noticed a huge difference in our performance for the better."

Bruce also made mention of his band's cean-crossing journey that found them relocating from their native U.K. to New Jersey in order to make a true go of it in the American metal market. "This year has been a crazy ride for us. A dream come true," he admitted. "We've met a million new people and made a million new friends and fans along the way. We've had the most amazing time and don't plan on slowing down any time soon.

"Every band says this, but we truly believe that we have the greatest fans any band could ever ask for. They always turn up to support us, no matter what tour we happen to be on. They buy our albums and merch and are constantly reminding us that they are there for us, which is an amazing feeling. And we are so appreciative to every single person who supports us."

The band will release the new album 'Reckless and Relentless' early next year. Bruce was as amped up about the new album as he is about touring with All That Remains, saying, "We have made every effort to write an album that exceeds everyone's expectations."

Before 'Reckless and Relentless' is unleashed, Asking Alexandria will re-release 'Stand Up and Scream' at the end of this year as a full hardcore, dubstep album. Dubstep is a form of electronica, so it will be nothing if not interesting for the fans. "It will also include DVD bonus footage, all of our music videos, some covers of one of our favorite bands and much more," Bruce revealed. "This year, as I have already mentioned, has been absolutely crazy, but we are gonna make sure that next year is far more intense, far more crazy and just as much fun."