Asking Alexandria seemingly took their time with their new album 'From Death to Destiny,' out Aug. 6 via Sumerian Records, but there was a reason for that. The muck raking metal band was being methodical, since it wanted to craft the best album possible. The end result is a diverse record that will prove the haters and those who've pigeonholed the band wrong … dead wrong.

“It’s taken long enough!” guitarist Ben Bruce told Metal Hammer about the perceived delay, even though AA's last album, 'Reckless & Relentless,' dropped in April of 2011, which is hardly an eternity.

He continued, “It wasn’t because we were being lazy, but because we wanted it to be perfect. 'From Death to Destiny' is our third album and we wanted to make sure we’d bring out the best possible record we could.”

Who doesn't love a metal band with goals?! And no one can accuse the band of being lazy as Asking Alexandria definitely tour, party and rock heartily. That's hardly the mark of a band with apathetic tendencies.

Bruce also shared some more details about what the album sounds like, offering a little bit of a tease by saying, “This is our biggest sounding record and alongside the classic Asking Alexandria stuff -- the breakdown sections, heavy sections, fast sections -- we’ve thrown a lot of new influences in there. It’s a very diverse album and I think people who pigeonholed us are going to realize they were wrong when they hear it."

Asking Alexandria's army of fans will no doubt be pleased to know that the album will feature the requisite breakdowns and beyond, including something new and different. Hurry up and get here, Aug. 6!