Former Killswitch Engage vocalist Howard Jones -- also of Blood Has Been Shed fame -- has turned up after a bit of a hiatus from hard rock since splitting with the New England metal behemoths in 2012. He lends his inimitable (and much-missed) voice to 'Until the End,' a brand new track from those U.K. muckrakers Asking Alexandria.

The song appears on their just-released 'From Death to Destiny,' which landed in stores earlier this week. The track is a crunchy, chunky, breakdown-loaded cut with a nasty riff threaded throughout. Jones lends his roar on the choruses and it's potent enough to populate your nightmares. It's good to hear this voice in heavy metal again, that's for sure.

'Until the End' is a bit of an epic song, with some symphonic and melancholic parts. It cycles through more than a few metal moods.

Since bouncing from KsE, Jones has been working on a new project called Devil You Know, which also features All Shall Perish guitarist Francesco Artusato. Jones is taking baby steps but he is resurfacing.

Listen to Asking Alexandria 'Until the End' Featuring Howard Jones