In this utterly fabulous ''Creep Show' episode, Asking Alexandria reveal that they will release their last album, 'Stand Up and Scream,' as a dubstep remix album titled 'Stepped Up and Scratched.' The dubstep genre is "massive overseas." The band says at the 11:35 point of this interview that a lot of hardcore and metal scene kids like to go clubbing as a social thing.

Bandmates Danny Worsnop and Ben Bruce even go as far as to say that remixing their music is like getting sexed up by a stranger at the end of the night in the ultimate drunk one night stand. If you aren't too familiar with dubstep, it's a "dirty and noisy" styling of "organized destruction," according to the band.


At 15:35, they reveal that Asking Alexandria will release 'Reckless and Relentless,' a new full-length, sometime next year. They also spill the beans on their Skid Row covers at 16:40, admitting they put their stamp on '18 and Life' and 'Youth Gone Wild,' which are fitting, giving both bands' fun attitude and approach to what they do.

They wanted to play some of the covers on air, but technical difficulties prevented that from happening. So we'll just have to wait until the new album comes out. They also reveal that Def Leppard covers are on the horizon, as are Mötley Crüe do-overs. Worsnop and Bruce even begin to argue, somewhat playfully, over which Crüe tunes to remake.