When Asking Alexandria committed to tour with All That Remains this fall, the British band made the collective decision to not drink before or during their performance. That said, they didn't quit consuming alcoholic beverages after their shows. It's all in moderation for these British blokes.

In this ''Creep Show' episode, vocalist Danny Worsnop and guitarist Ben Bruce bring their cheeky, thoroughly English sense of humor to the interview table, clarifying 1:30 into the interview that their moratorium on drinking is restricted only to immediately prior to and during a performance. They admitted that Asking Alexandria's past two tours were the worst because of band members' level of intoxication. The duo broke down the drinking dynamic that exists within the band, careful to admit that drinking "relieves the terrible syndrome of sobriety."


At the 4:30 mark, Worsnop and Bruce espouse the virtues of their beverages of choice, which include whiskey and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Asking Alexandria might be expert drinkers, but they're making the decision to stay sober onstage for the benefit of the fans.