English metal band Asking Alexandria are quite a geographically rich collective. The group crossed the pond somewhat permanently in order to make a go of it here in the good old USA. They settled in New Jersey of all places, except for singer Danny Worsnop, who has since hop scotched living locations -- trying New Jersey, which he says at 6:43 into this ''Creep Show' episode "isn't very good," before moving to California, then to Texas. By the time the interview commenced, we weren't really sure where the hell Worsnop resided, if anywhere at all.

Worsnop and guitarist Ben Bruce bust each other's balls throughout the whole episode, with Bruce at one point referring to his bandmate as a "hobo." Then at around the 8:05 mark, they start joking about his lady situation, which Bruce hints involves exchanges of cash. The conversation eventually devolves and becomes peppered with references to hooker murders. The pair speaks in jest, of course. It's that cheeky British humor.


Bruce also spoke about the joys of living in Dubai for much of his formative years, as his father was "made redundant" -- that's British speak for losing his job -- which forced him to relocate his family. Bruce said that Dubai was not that much different than England or America.