Asking Alexandria are gearing up for the Aug. 6 release of their new album 'From Death to Destiny.' They've shared a 10-minute audio preview of the record, which you can listen to above. But we feel compelled to issue a warning: You will have your rear end handed to you. 

The visuals are pretty killer, with the animated album cover, featuring a naked babe in a vending machine, coming to life somewhat. While you'll be totally focused on the moshy metalcore that's spilling from your speakers, we suggest that you take a few minutes to pay attention to the imagery. It's clever and aesthetically appealing.

Here's what we've gleaned from these 10 glorious minutes. There's lots of stompy breakdowns and gravelly vocals, and some cool nuances in the production. There's also some pretty melodic parts, but for the most part, it's moshable with plenty of maelstrom, especially around the 8:15 mark.

You're also best served by cranking the knobs to 11 or as loud as they go while you listen. This band of lovable miscreants from the U.K. certainly make dangerous, push-you-to-the-edge-of-your-seat metal on 'From Death to Destiny' and it not only begs to be listened to loud. It deserves it.

In other Asking Alexandria news, it looks as though the song 'Killing Me' is getting some advance buzz. The track is being made available as an immediate download for those purchasing the disc via the iTunes pre-order. Plus, frontman Danny Worsnop has guided fans toward the track by posting the lyrics via his Twitter account.