Municipal Waste drum wizard Dave Witte reached out to Noisecreep a few weeks ago and said he wanted to talk to us about a new project he was involved in that he was very excited about. Also featuring Dimitri Minakakis [ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan] on vocals, John Adubato [ex-Burnt by the Sun] on guitars, and Brett Bamberger [ex-The Postman Syndrome, currently in East of the Wall] on bass, the group are calling themselves Argonauts.

In this, his first interview about the new band, Witte tells Noisecreep how Argonauts came to be.

First off, let's talk about the history between you guys. How long have you all known each other?

We've know each other for quite a while, John and I forever practically and we've both seen Dimitri with Dillinger and Brett with Postman Syndrome loads of times years ago, we would cross paths often.

When did you start plotting out the new band?

Around the end of 2009, John and I started throwing ideas around. Mid-2010 Brett joined in and Dimitri hopped on board earlier this year.

Did you discuss what kinds of style you wanted the music to be like or did you just write and what came out came out?

We have no direction to follow. We all know that we want it dark and heavy in our own way, while nodding to our own past approaches. We just want pieces of ourselves to come out through this new outlet, with the purpose of keeping ourselves satisfied.

Dave, you live in Virginia and you spend most of the year on tour with Municipal Waste. How did you find time to write or even jam out with the rest of the guys?

I've always had a few pans on the stove so to speak and over the years, I've learned to make all things happen. My passion for music keeps me going and always wanting more. I always need multiple music outlets. This year has been plenty of time off for MW as we concentrated on writing and recording our new record [for Nuclear Blast]. That free time has also given me the opportunity to put time in Argonauts, they are like my yin and yang.

You guys could land a record deal just based on the group's members alone. What's the plan on that end?

We realize this and sooner or later we'll start thinking about that I suppose, but for the time being there really isn't too much of an agenda. We have modest goals of writing songs, putting a record out and playing some shows.

What can we expect from the group in the next 12 months?

We will play shows. Our first one will most likely be in Richmond, VA as a part of the GWAR-B-Q, unless we get an itch before that. We've been demoing songs for a while now and we should have a taste of what's to come pretty soon.

Argonauts have created an official Facebook page that can be found at this link. More information on the GWAR-B-Q is available here.