For those who loved the Sascha Gervasi documentary 'Anvil! The Story of Anvil,' and want to know more about the perseverant Canadian band Anvil, the upcoming DVD release of the film -- out Oct. 6 -- will offer tons of bonus features that shed a different, more sobering light on the band. Additional footage includes an extended interview with Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, a commentary track with Gervasi and frontman Steve 'Lips' Kudlow and lots a deleted scenes.

"There were 320 hours of footage taken for the movie, and they made a movie 84 minutes long, so there's lots of cutting room floor footage," Kudlow tells Noisecreep. "They chose not to include some of the stuff because it would have changed the feeling of what you were watching if it were to be in the movie."

In one such section, the band visits Kudlow's extremely sick brother in Birmingham, Ala. "It's so profoundly heart-wrenching that it didn't fit in the actual movie itself," Kudlow says. "So, by the time [you see us] come out in Japan, you're wondering, 'Does Lips even care [about his brother]?' I guess part of me was worried about my brother, but why bring that to the audience in the movie?"


In another scene, the band members talk with a former security guard named Jeff 'Jethro' Hirsch, who they met in 1982 when they were playing a flea market in New Brunswick, N.J. "When we first came down to the United States, we got to be good friends," Kudlow says. "Just around Christmas of last year he passed away in a fire, and there's a section where he talks about himself being into metal and loving his metal brothers, and [how] he'll take [the music] with him to his grave, which is pretty heart-wrenching for me to watch."

Aside from the heavy-handed bonus footage, there are new scenes that give viewers more of an understanding of the band's complete history. "The original members talk about why they quit, and stuff like that," Kudlow says. "So, I think the DVD will answer a few questions that left people kind of scratching their heads when it was over. Like, 'What happened to the old guys?' Well, now you can find out."