'Anvil! The Story of Anvil' may have been nominated by the International Documentary Association, but not the Academy Awards. Vanity Fair's report on this pointed out that 'It Might Get Loud' also got the shaft in addition to the documentary that introduced Anvil to the masses, saying "the documentary committee hates music."

Upon learning the news that Anvil were not getting nominated for Best Documentary was definitely shocking ... for about 10 seconds. After all, how many years before Al Pacino won Best Actor, or Martin Scorsese won Best Director? And since 'Almost Famous' when has a rock movie gotten an Academy Award?

Jeffrey Wells of Hollywood-Elsewhere wrote that Anvil was "one of '09's most offbeat and emotionally engaging (one could even apply the term 'heart-warming') docs," and also felt it was "so earnest and touching in a shlumpy, blue-collar, middle-American hangdog way" that it could have won. Then again, when Anvil made their bond all those years ago, did they ever think they'd even be considered for an Academy Award of all things?

Of course, there's plenty of folks like us that are feeling Anvil's pain, but also plenty of other awards Anvil are currently up for. The Anvil book based on the movie is also out now from VH1's book division.