Newly signed to Nuclear Blast, Anti-Mortem dole out Southern-fried, stadium-sized hard rock, rife with the kinda chunky power grooves we've not heard since Pantera blazed a trail outta Texas in the late '80s.

The video certain provides a visual introduction to the band -they toss around lots of long hair, which really should be a pre-requisite for all true headbangers- and those scenes are paired with plot footage of people running, hotfooted, trying to get away from something.

We'll let you watch entire clip and decide what's going on.

Watch 'Stagnant Water' Video

A little background on Anti-Mortem: The Oklahoma-based band was formed in 2008 and is fronted by vocalist Larado Romo and features his brother, guitarist Nevada Romo, along with guitarist Zain Smith, bassist Corey Henderson and drummer Levi Dickerson.

They've played 300 shows, so they just might be one of the most experienced live bands you've never heard of....yet. These Oklahomans spent nights and weekends honing their craft in the Smith family barn, which was originally intended to store old cars. The boys could often be found drafting their sound and practicing on a concert stage they built themselves. How's that for enterprising? While Smith's parents were working, the band would retreat to the barn aka their stage and treat it like a makeshift venue, inviting friends and locals to come watch.

While the barn makes its appearance in the video, having to play in it while pretending it's a stage will be a thing of the past for Anti-Mortem.

"We are really happy to announce our signing to Nuclear Blast," the band told Noisecreep. "We cannot wait to share our music with the world with the help of the great team at Nuclear Blast worldwide. Also, the whole month of March, we will be recording our first record in Los Angeles with Bob Marlette. As a band, we're super stoked and ready to get the record out and start touring outside of Oklahoma and kicking some serious ass."

You've been warned. Gird your loins, metalheads. If you tell us you weren't grooving in your chair while listening to those choppy riffs, we won't believe you.

Did you like what you saw and heard? Then download the track below!