Angels and Airwaves have quietly begun working on new music behind the scenes. Now frontman Tom DeLonge has decided to let fans in on the secret in a very succinct Facebook posting.

Posting a photo of a microphone set up in what appears to be a living room with a sheet of lyrics just out of focus, the singer captioned the shot (seen below), "#AVA New Music."

The news would go along with what drummer Ilan Rubin recently revealed to Loudwire. He explained, "Earlier this year I was writing with Tom [DeLonge] on some new Angels stuff. It was very casual, but I would say we got about 7-8 songs pretty done. So whenever I have the time, and he's busy with his own things as well, but whenever we can get together I'm sure we'll keep adding to that and sooner or later we will have an album's worth of material. So that's it's own thing."

In late May, DeLonge posted another photo from his home studio. This time he suggested that he was recording a Blink-182 track, so the musician is definitely in a creative space, balancing his two muses in the months leading up to the summer. At present, Angels and Airwaves don't have any scheduled performances, while Blink-182 won't play again until Aug. 31 in Calgary, which means DeLonge will have a full summer to work on new music if he so chooses.

Facebook: Tom DeLonge