"The next song, we're taking it back to 1994. Demon! Hill! WIZARDS!" Adam Hell said in his evil announcing voice. He kept breaking in and out of character in between songs, as he went from normal and drunk Adam Hell to a demonic and possessed rasping Adam Hell.

When they're on stage, instrument-less, the Ancient Wound trio look like average New Yorkers. But on stage and in song, there is no way these guys could even be living in year 2010. With the most satanic thrash laugh and the most stomach-churning solos I've ever heard, these guys are right on the money.

"We got a new album called 'The Winterholder,'" Hell added later on in the night. The next day when I listened to this new album, I found myself headbanging and air drumming just as I embarrassingly did the night before. Oh, it's that good.

These guys only play shows once every year or two. So they go full force and even call each other by their stage names. Like when Adam Hell told Leo Pentagram to take us to the 'Valley of the Trees.' "This song is about zombies devouring your face!" It can only get so much better than this.

'The WinterHolder' and 'Undead Storm' are available now on CD, but through the band only. You can order a copy from their MySpace.