Alter Bridge are building a 'Fortress.' That's the title of the band's fourth album and they have shared the album cover art (created by Dan Termonti, brother of guitarist Mark) and track listing for this eagerly awaited release.

The album is due out Oct. 8 via EMI Label Services and features 12 tracks, including one where Mark Tremonti, also of Creed fame, sings lead. So there will be something new for AB fans on this release. Tremonti was quick to point out that fans can expect a few surprises, which further stokes the fire of excitement that surrounds the release.

The artwork is stark and arresting, featuring a tattered and worn barn in a field, surrounded by little else. It certainly depicts isolation and devastation and could be an indication of what we'll find on the record, lyrically speaking.

Peep the track listing and then tell us if 'Fortress' is one of the albums you are most excited about this fall.

Alter Bridge 'Fortress' Track Listing:

1. 'Cry of Achilles'
2. 'Addicted to Pain'
3. 'Bleed It Dry'
4. 'Lover'
5. 'The Uninvited'
6. 'Peace Is Broken'
7. 'Calm the Fire'
8. 'Waters Rising'
9. 'Farther Than the Sun'
10. 'Cry a River'
11. 'All Ends Well'
12. 'Fortress'