There is quite a bit of activity brewing in the Alice in Chains camp right now. The band has relaunched its website,, and news is circulating that a big concert announcement will be made on Monday, April 11th. Check out the site and check back on Monday morning for the news!

Additionally, AIC frontman William DuVall is producing a feature-length documentary film about Atlanta's hardcore punk scene. The film, which currently has the working title 'All Alone Together,' spotlights two generations of hardcore fans: those who created and fostered the scene in the early '80s, and those who are currently curating it. The film looks at the scene through a critical eye and shows what the kids of each era faced as they navigated their lives.

According to a post on Alice In Chains' site, the film explores the struggles of the first hardcore punks 30 years ago in the 'Capitol of the Deep South,' as well as what it means to be a DIY punk in the wake of major cultural shifts like the Internet and the emergence of punk as big business. Noisecreep is definitely looking forward to seeing this one when it's done.

Watch the video for 'A Looking in View'

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