Twice is nice for Alice in Chains today, as the band dropped not one, but two videos. You can watch the official music videos for both 'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here,' which is the title track from their new album, and 'Voices.' One clip is creepy as hell and does not feature the band, while the other is mostly band footage.

The video for the title track (seen above) is decidedly more narrative-driven, featuring a TV clown named Uncle Sal, who is beyond creepy, and his host of pals. Despite the creepiness, the little kids love parking in front of the TV to watch him and El Diablo. They know not what they are watching on a subliminal level.

But the message is received. In front of the TV is not the place for kids to spend most of their time, since it can have negative effects and teach lessons in a way that parents may not want them to learn, especially since what you see is not always what you get. When things take a turn for the perverse, the kids react accordingly, crying and covering their eyes.

The clip for 'Voices,' seen below, is much more simple, featuring the band performing in a bar with some of the lyrics posted throughout the video on neon signs inside the bathroom and along the walls of the dive.

It's largely a performance clip, which is fine by us, since the AiC dudes are always entertaining to watch. Be sure and stick around for the last 40 seconds after the fade out, since there is some extra footage. It's performance-driven and dark, but certainly worth the time.

Watch the Alice in Chains 'Voices' Video