Alice in Chains are back (again) and this time, with a new video.

The band enjoyed a career resurgence with the comeback album, complete with a new singer and "feel good" story, that was 2009's Black Gives Way to Blue. But the Seattle grunge legends are not resting on their laurels. They continue to forge ahead. They have debuted the video for 'Hollow,' which is the first taste of music from their forthcoming album.

First, the song. It's vintage AiC, with gloomy guitar tones and sludgy riffs, topped by distinct-as-DNA vocals. We must admit -- it's as though the late vocalist Layne Staley is singing from the grave.

The video, which is gloriously creepy, is all narrative and doesn't feature the band in any performance footage or capacity. It's a statement on the digital age and culture, as a dude who works with plants and other life forms and who seems to be sequestered from the rest of the world in some sort of experimental and clinical setting, noshes on a TV "dinner" while parked in front of a screen, communicating with someone he loves.

Things devolve and go down in flames, eventually.

It's a statement about how being plugged in means you are always and instantly connected, but just how authentic the communication is remains the question.

It's almost a mini sci-fi film, and looks like something Tool would release!

Watch 'Hollow' Video

Alice In Chains' upcoming album was recorded in Los Angeles with producer Nick Raskulinecz (Deftones, Death Angel) and will hit stores this coming spring.