After 14 years, Alice In Chains is still a household name. Many musicians were inspired by the band's releases during the height of grunge and '90s alternative rock, and the death of vocalist Layne Staley in 2002 was a shock in the music world.

William DuVall, a longtime friend of AIC's guitarist Jerry Cantrell, solidifies his place as the new frontman of Alice In Chains next week when 'Black Gives Way to Blue' is released on Virgin/EMI Records. While we can look back on some of the best songs in Alice In Chain's discography, the new album is a hopeful milestone in honoring the band's legacy and pushing it to greater heights.

DuVall stepped in as a guest writer for the AOL Radio blog to discuss the 10 records that were most influential to him. "This gets the Number One spot because it's the first record that ever made me stop and say, 'This just might be the most perfect record ever made,'" he writes. Without giving anything away, it can be said that he'd thought long and hard about the timeless classics he chose.

'Black Gives Way to Blue' will be out on Sept. 29, and features the singles "A Looking View" and "Check My Brain."