After numerous snubs, Alice Cooper is finally getting the acceptance of the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, joining fellow 2011 inductees Neil DIamond and Tom Waits. "I was elated and I called the original band guys immediately, and said, 'Well, remember when we started in high school?' [Laughs] 'Here we are. Only took 45 years," Cooper, born Vincent Damon Furnier, told Rolling Stone on receiving the grand honor.

The shock rocker confirms that he will perform with the remaining members of his original band during the March 14 ceremony at New York City's Waldorf-Astoria hotel. "We're trying to figure out, if we do 'School's Out' do we send balloons full of confetti into the audience? I think so. I doubt if there'll be a snake there though."

With this performance, Cooper believes it's "inevitable" for the original lineup to play some shows after the celebration is over. "We have kind of been looking for an excuse to do that anyway. Why not do four or five major cities, Detroit especially since that's where we broke out of. Los Angeles, New York, London, Toronto. Those were like the five cities where we got our biggest push. We might do that in the spring."

Despite the all the excitement this won't be the first time Cooper has reunited with the ones that started it all. "It was never one of those bitter breakups. It was a breakup that was, 'I have different ideas, you have different ideas, but lets still be friends.' But we've done different charity things together recently where we've done 40 minutes of the hits."

Watch Alice Cooper's 'Teenage Frankenstein' Video

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