Alice Cooper has offered his solution to the rampant drug problem.

In an interview with Britain's OK! Magazine, the shock rock icon thinks we should legalize the hard stuff and ban easier-to-obtain and currently legal substances, like alcohol and tobacco products. Cooper, who has been clean since 1983, knows a thing or two about the party lifestyle.

He admitted that the reason he personally didn't go hog wild with hard drugs before he got clean was due to the fact that the legal punishments used to be much harsher if you were caught with those types of substances. So the penalties certainly deterred him and sent him down a different path, which seems at odds with his current declaration to legalize the hard stuff and lessen the punishments.

However, despite the fact that he himself avoided the hard stuff, he feels that drinking and smoking are far more dangerous and should be outlawed, telling gossip mag OK! that "the last thing I ever wanted to do was go to jail, and back then you didn't just get a slap on the wrist if you were caught with drugs. They put you straight in jail."

Even with this reality, he still considers commonly available items to be more dangerous. "You know, looking at statistics, I think drugs should be legal and alcohol and cigarettes should be illegal. They kill more than drugs do," he said.

His argument is a bit contradictory in places, but both lines of thinking make sense.

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