"My father had a full mane of silver hair when he was 40 -- it was magnificent," rocker Alice Cooper said in a recent interview with The Sun. "I would probably have the same hair if it wasn't for Lady Clairol. Jimmy Page has the only honest hair in rock 'n' roll."

Alice Cooper is old hat at interviews by now. With decades in the entertainment industry under his belt, not much phases the spook master. Still, Betty Brisk of the UK-based newspaper was able to get in a few jabs and witticisms -- especially where manners and hygiene are concerned. But what about his image as a scary soul? Surely all those shock rocker stories are true, right?

"If you like to think that ... then there is," said Cooper. "Actually, I live in a 10,000 square foot Spanish hacienda on Camel Back Mountain in Phoenix overlooking the city, with its own movie theater complete with popcorn machine and Diet Coke on tap."

But don't worry, metalheads. Alice admitted he would never offer to do the dishes if you invited him over for a little post-show nosh.

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