AlexisonfireApproximately 19 people suffered injuries at last night's Alexisonfire concert at David Lam Park in Vancouver when a barricade between the stage and the 7,000-strong crowd collapsed. The free show was part of the Olympic celebrations called LiveCity. The Canadian screamo band, one of the most popular draws in the country, immediately stopped the set.

According to the statement on the Olympics' LiveCity Vancouver Web site, the injuries were minor. Medical staff were on hand to immediately deal with the injured, and the crowd was evacuated. Nine people were transported to hospital for further assessment.

"Safety at Live City Vancouver our primary concern, and the response of Live Nation, our producer, was immediate," said City Manager, Dr. Penny Ballem, in a statement to the media. "When the incident occurred, everyone acted quickly, professionally, and took appropriate action. The security and on-site emergency medical response teams provided immediate assistance and care, the band kept people calm, and the crowd dispersed safely."

The barricade broke mid-way into the band's first song after the crowd surged forward, the statement reads. "The band stopped playing immediately, and asked the crowd to step back. The crowd was informed that the show was cancelled, and they dispersed quickly and cooperatively."

The concert barricade used at Live City Yaletown -- the official site of the Olympic celebrations -- is standard for large concert venues and music festivals. Promoter Live Nation has used similar fencing for concert venues for over 20 years, it says. "It is unprecedented in their experience for such a failure to occur."

"We sincerely regret that individuals were injured at David Lam Park," said Dr. Ballem. "The city is gratified that the response was quick and professional, and relieved that the injuries are not serious. Finally, I want to thank the members of Alexisonfire and Live Nation for their quick action to ensure the safety of all involved."

The entire barricade will be replaced, and the site will re-open today for its regularly scheduled program.