Job for a Cowboy's second album on Metal Blade Records, 'Ruination,' continues the ram skull theme seen in their previous releases. But 'Ruination' sports much more color and depth, thanks to the palette skills of designer Brent Elliott White. "Initially, I worked on a couple of designs for Job for a Cowboy that were based on concepts from the new album," Brent explained to Noisecreep. But it was vocalist Jonny Davy's writing that helped White form the imagery for the new batch of tracks.

"Jonny's lyrics painted a rather bleak picture of the world centering around the idea of global oppression," White explained further. "Once we started work on the cover the goal was to convey these ideas as vividly as possible using JFAC's rams head icon as the centerpiece. The icon's pose was constructed to mimic the devil like figure Baphomet, which ties into a long-standing conspiracy theory linking our founding father's to the occult."

In the end, though, the bare brutality of the image was also a great concern. "Basically, I was mostly concerned with communicating the major themes running throughout 'Ruination' and making it look as metal as possible."