Former Ministry guru and Revolting Cocks mastermind Al Jourgensen is a dyed-in-the-wool hockey fan. He's happy as a clam right now, since his favorite team, the championship-starved Chicago Blackhawks, have advanced to the Western Conference finals, where they are facing longtime rivals, the defending Stanley Cup champion Detroit Red Wings.

Uncle Al exclusively revealed his predictions to Noisecreep, saying "So here it is kiddies. Read it and weep. Chicago will kick Detroit's ass in the West, while [the] Pittsburgh [Penguins] slaughters [the] Carolina [Hurricanes] in the East, leaving Chicago to wipe that little smirk off Sidney [Crosby] and take home their first cup since 1961!" Thems fighting words for Red Wings and Penguins fans, but it seems Jourgensen has been a bit of a prognosticator during the heated playoff season.

Jourgensen, who ankled Ministry last year, remains as busy as ever, working on other sports pursuits, such as hosting "Uncle Al's Puck Talk" on WXRX (104.9 FM) in Illinois every Wednesday, in addition to resurrecting RevCo. "I've been having a blast doing hockey commentary every Wednesday," Jourgensen said. "But last week, I took some calls and the kiddies aren't digging my picks, but so far I've called 9 of the 12 series correctly, which is still better than most of those bonehead analysts on TV. Do I sense a future career change? You never know."

In between concentrating on hockey and baseball games, Jourgensen continues making new music. "I'm about halfway through a new RevCo record – as yet untitled," he said. " I'm trying to finish it in time so I can fly to Chicago and watch my beloved Blackhawks clinch the Cup! It's been a long time coming." Is Uncle Al hockey's new Nostradamus? While the Red Wings are leading the series 2-0, there's still time to rebound. Guess we'll find out if Jourgensen's predictions ring true in a few weeks.